Do you accept Telephone orders and payment?

Yes we accept telephone orders, we will take your order over the phone and take a card payment. If you prefer to make a telephone order then this is the number to ring 01915654435, our opening hours are between 9:30am – 4.00pm.

How can i pay for my order?

We accept payment by credit card, debit card and PayPal.

How quickly will my order be shipped?

After you place your order you will get a confirmation that your order is processing, secondly you will get your completed confirmation this will let you know we have looked at your order and its in the middle of being made. If your UK based the estimated time of delivery is 1-3 days. If your internationally based it can take up to 1-7 days. However if you don’t receive your parcel by then please do not panic, We make our hairpieces then they are then sent to our main HQ building ,sometimes we may have a slight delay in transit but this rarely ever happens. You will receive an email or a text message if this is ever the case.

What are the delivery options and costs?

All UK Customers are sent out with Dispatch bay DX Secure with a delivery charge of £5, If you are internationally based or in the Republic of Ireland then your parcels will be sent out with Royal mail with a delivery charge of £15.

Timescales given for International Deliveries are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. The vast majority of deliveries are within the stated timescales, however due to different postal service providers, distances involved, customs clearance etc., The Pussydoll Palace cannot be held responsible for delays to your parcel and an International Delivery is not considered delayed until 30 working days after dispatch.

We do offer Tracking if your parcel as not came in the estimated time then please contact us and we will provide you with tracking and help you out the best possible way we can.

We do not offer UK next day delivery on our website as our hair needs to be made so we cant promise a next day delivery. If you contact us via thepussydollpalace@hotmail.co.uk, message via facebook ‘ThePussydollpalace’ or ring 01915654435 and let us know what you would like, we can check to see if we have any already made in the warehouse and then we can offer you next day delivery.



My order has not arrived?

If your order has not arrived please do not panic, contact us via Facebook ‘ Thepussydollpalace’ , Email – pussydollpalace@hotmail.co.uk or telephone – 01915654435 and we will provide you with your tracking information.

International deliveries can be subject to delays at customs on entering your country. Unfortunately this is something beyond our control.  We are aware of current delays on Royal Mail shipments to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Spain. If you haven’t received your order within the expected delivery time frame, please contact us.

How to do i apply a half head?

Half wigs are built around a lightweight, slightly stretchy mesh cap, attached to the cap are two long, flexible combs, one at the front and one at the back.

Our half head wigs are very easy to fit. Here’s how to put on a wig:

Step one-  Either make a ponytail (at the back of your head for short hair, or at the top of your head if you have longer hair) or simply pull your hair back.

Step two- Place the front flexi-comb at the top of your head, and slide the comb firmly against your scalp. (For extra security, you can also attach the lower flexi-comb: to do so, hold the top of the wig in place while you locate the flexi-comb at the bottom of the wig and slide it up into the hair at the nape of your neck.)

Step three- You can cover the seam with a headband… or style your own hair over the seam; with or without a fringe.

The combs are flexible and are comfortable to wear. They also do a fantastic job of keeping the hairpiece secure, so you can wear a half wig without worries. However, for those of you with very fine, silky hair you may wish to fix a couple of crossed over kirby grips on either side of your head for that extra sense of security whilst strutting your funky stuff or a little touch of back combing will also do the trick.

How do i apply a fullhead wig?

All our full wigs are fitted with an internal mesh cap which is 21.5 inches / 55cm in circumference. This is slightly smaller that the size of the average head. However, the wig mesh cap is also very elastic and is designed to stretch to fit a head that is larger than this.

Adjusting for smaller head sizes-

All our full head wigs come with clip adjusters so they can be sized to fit anyone. The clips are located at the nape of the neck. The adjuster panel runs along the bottom edge of the wig and has a few loops or pockets on which to clip the clips.

When you receive your fullhead wig, the soft stretchy elastic strip with small clip at the end will not be clipped to anything, just held in place by a loop halfway down the length of this strip. There are loops running along the top of the piece of felt fabric that lies against the nape of your neck. To tighten the cap, you attach the clip onto the loop that is right for your head.

To tighten the base of the wig, simply move the adjusters towards the label in the centre of the nape panel. Do this in small stages and keep trying the wig on to avoid over tightening.

It is important to get the fit right. If the wig is too tight it can start to ride up and feel like it is coming off. Similarly, if it is too loose it can cause the wig to move around and feel insecure. Always make sure that the wig base never covers your ears, it must always lay flat to your head.

How do to apply a ponytail?

Step 1 : Tie your hair up into a bun or bunch. It doesn’t have to be done super neatly as it will be covered by the ponytail extension.

Step 2 : Squeeze the claw clip on the high ponytail extension hairpiece to open it and attach it securely onto the hair bunch by fitting it around the bunch and releasing so that the claw clip grips the hair in the hair bunch.

Step 3 : The finished high ponytail extension hairpiece look.

I have hair loss, which products are right for me?

Alopecia is a common side effect of cancer treatment as your fast growing hair follicles are often damaged by treatments such as chemotherapy. Although your hair will grow back following treatment the intervening months can prove to be a very difficult time.

Thankfully, not only are healthcare treatments improving, but synthetic hairpiece quality has now reached a point where they can offer a genuine alternative to human hair pieces, but at a fraction of the cost. If you would like to discuss wigs for chemotherapy patients please don’t hesitate to call us on 01915654435

Do you offer wholesale?

If you would be interested in stocking our hair products then please contact us on 01915654435


Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

We do not accept refunds or exchanges on hair due to our health and hygiene policy, once your order has left the warehouse and its on its way to you then we can not accept it back. We understand that you may not have tried it on etc, but we can not resell the hair after its travelled to and from our warehouse, we do not know if its been handled and worn etc once it has left our hands. Make sure you check out our colour chart before you purchase your hair, if you need help with a colour match then please contact us with a picture of your hair from the root in natural daylight and we will advice you the best we can. Remember we can only advice you from the picture you have given us, so the final choice is yours so make sure you send us a very clear picture without filters and so on. Our Colour chart is in the footer of our website and feel free to contact us on any other queries you may have before placing your order.