One Piece Clip In Extension

One Piece Clip In Extension

Now this is something we have not long had in stock, but has been highly requested by our customers, we are so glad we listened to our customers on this one and got them in stock as they are amazing! We don’t only have the extensions in one block colour, we have ombre too! If you’re wanting longer hair, thicker hair or even just more volume to your hair, then One Piece Clip In Extensions are perfect for you! One Piece Clip In Extensions come in curly or straight and look super natural once applied.  Our One Piece Clip In Extensions come in 22”, however if you feel like this is too long for you, contacts us and we can get them in 17”. You can use upto 140 degrees heat on these hair extensions.

How to apply One Piece Clip In Extensions

One Piece Clip In Extensions are super easy to apply. There are just a few simple steps:

  • Step number one: The One Piece Clip In Extensions are complete with five clips attached to the hair. You must firstly section your own hair off, leave some of your own hair down and section your hair perpendicularly from your part down to your ear. Use a grip to keep this section of hair out of the way.
  • Step number two: Next, grab your One Piece Clip In Extension, brush the hair extension and open the clips. Now secure all five clips into your hair.
  • Step number three: Now you can release the hair which you have sectioned off and brush all of your own hair and the hair extensions together.
  • Step number four: You can now style your hair! For even extra thickness, if you have thin hair, you cn even add a second One Piece Clip In Hair Extension!

How to maintain your One Piece Clip In Hair Extension

Us girls know that after a night out the last thing you will remember to do is take your hair out and hang it up! However, this is so important if you want to use your One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions again! Simply taking the hair ou before you go t sleep, brushing it and hanging it up will make it last a lot longer. Remember to not hurt the hair by using a soft bristled brush!!!

Did you know that you can also wash your One piece clip in extension?

To wash your hair piece, use warm water, baby shampoo and gently massage the hair. Next hang the hair up and leave it to dry. DO NOT brush the hair when it is wet and DO NOT blow dry it, leave your hair piece to dry naturally and it will return back to the way you got it.

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