Pussydoll Palace girls love our pony tails! They are so quick and easy to apply and great for when you’re running late. An easy, instant glam up do. Ponytails can be clipped over your own hair easily and securely to create the look you desire! Long, short, straigh or curly.. ponytails are the way forward! Everyone loves an updo when they are wearing their best beautiful backless dress!  Our pony tails come with a bulldog clip or a drawstring.

Ponytails are super easy to apply. There are just a few simple steps:

Step number one: First, tie your hair into a low or high bun depending on the look you are going for. If you have a drawstring pony then you must attach the grips around your bun, when you have done this, tighten the drawtring until the pony feels secure on your head. Now wrap the drawstring around your pony tail and secure with a small grip until it is no longer visable. You may want to grab a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the bobble so the bobble is no longer visable, secure this with a small grip. If you have a ponytail with a bulldog clip attatched, simply open the grip and clip it over your bun.

Step number two: Now brush and style your hair the way you want. You may have a fring which you want to quiff or even plait. You may want to add a headband, plait or cap to change the look.

How to maintain your ponytail

Us girls know that after a night out the last thing you will remember to do is take your hair out and hang it up! However, this is so important if you want to use your ponytail again! Simply taking the ponytil out, brushing it and hanging it up will make it last a lot longer. Remember to not hurt the hair by using a soft bristled brush!!!


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