We are giving you a easier and simple way to look at our BEST SELLING 3/4 hairpieces! Remember their will be a dropdown box available on every hair product to choose your colour.

If your needing assistance on a colour match then contact us on our facebook page ‘The Pussydoll palace’ or you can email us on

if your unsure on what colour you are then please contact a member of staff via the facebook page or look at the colour charts available on the website.

Pussy Doll Palace is mostly famous for our three quarter hair pieces, also known as half head pieces. You may not know this already, but a lot of celebrities wear these, but so discreatly as you can achieve a very natural look as there are so many styles available. Hair pieces are super easy to apply and are perfect to wear on a daily basis and for a big night out. When applied, you almost forget you have the three quarter hair piece on as they are so light and comfortable. You must match your hair to the hair piece as much as you can as you can still see the front of your own hair, hense the name ‘half head’. Don’t worry if your hair and the hair piece are not the perfect match, the hair pieces very much over take the rest of your hair.

Hair pieces are super easy to apply. There are just a few simple steps:

  • Step number one – Section your hair off, leaving down the front of your own hair from your ears forward. With the rest of your hair, create a low bun or ponytail depending on how long or thick your own hair is, if your hair is long and thick we suggest you create two buns to create an even look.
  • Step number two – Next, brush your hair piece and make sure it is the correct way around! Make sure that there is a grip at the top and botto of the hasir piece, place the top grip onto your hear and slide the grip into your scalp, then do the same with the bottom grip except this time push the grip up into the bottom of your hair, up the nape of your neck.
  • Step number three – Now its time to style your hair. You can create different looks with the front of your hair, however you must make sure that you cover the seam, you can do this with a headband or some of your own hair which you have left down.

The grips are super secure and are guaranteed to stay firmly in your hair, however you can add an extra grip by applying kirby grips around the side of your head. If your hair is very fine, silky or soft you may feel like this is appropriate and something you want to do.

How to maintain your three quarter hair piece

Us girls know that after a night out the last thing you will remember to do is take your hair out and hang it up! However, this is so important if you want to use your hair piece again! Simply taking the hair piece out, brushing it and hanging it up will make it last a lot longer. Remember to not hurt the hair by using a soft bristled brush!!!

Did you know that you can also wash your three quarter hair piece?

To wash your hair piece, use warm water, baby shampoo and gently massage the hair. Next hang the hair up and leave it to dry. DO NOT brush the hair when it is wet and DO NOT blow dry it, leave your hair piece to dry naturally and it will return back to the way you got it.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds! Here is a video to see for your self how to apply a three quarter hair piece….

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